Friday, 13 May 2011

Pros N Cons of life in Uxbridge

Right, so if I told you that I'm at uni in Uxbridge, you may firstly assume that I said Oxbridge? 
Oh no, I live in Uxbridge, I'm at Brunel University. GREATSUCCESS/HAPPYTIMES.

Uxbridge... hmm...

Ok, so what i’ll attempt now, is to feed you what I feel are the true PROS and CONS of life in Uxbridge;

PROS (this is probably going to be hard):

- it has a tube station? OK. but this just means there's a way out, right? even though the speed into London is about the same as a slug dragging a brick.

let's try another point..

- it's got a vibrant gypsy culture. Gypsies from all over the land can visit and feel welcome, or at home? Uxbridge was even featured on channel 4's "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding's". Wonderful.

- it's a bus ride away from Heathrow. yeah, it might be a bit noisy for the locals, but you're near another getaway opportunity, right?

- it is home to the brutally infamous nightclub, "Liquid". This chain dancing/alcoholic ground is well known around the Middlesex area for it's hauntingly similar music playlist every week, and being the "place to be" for students on a Wednesday night, apparently.

- you can travel to London for a day out. cool, however there are limits, if you end up missing the last tube (slug with a brick on its back) to Uxbridge, then you are left with the option of taking an exquisite late bus back. these can take around 2 hours to limp back to the wonderful municipality of Uxbridge town.

-   A clockwork Orange was filmed on Brunel’s Campus, nice. oh and “Come Outside”, that old CBBC kids show (which i watched as a youngen) was once filmed in Uxbridge, i know, wow.


- it is NOT in London or even that NEAR, nevermind the attractive "London" status Brunel seem so desperate to give it..

- i wouldn’t say it was exactly the best looking town i’ve seen, although somehow it ended up knocking about in the top 10 tube stations in the Metro’s list. How? Full of common branded shops such as Subway, MacDonalds, Bruger King, KFC, etc. It maybe lacks personality and that sense of surprise you want from a place.

- PUB FIGHTS. it’s rare not to encounter a pub fight on a typical Friday/Saturday night in Uxbridge. this is sad.

Enough of that, 

This is just a microscopic insight into the life of a frustrated student living amongst the settlers of Uxbridge.